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Between the posts L to R is 43.25”. Overall L to R is 58.25”. F to B overall is 42”. F to B between the posts is 27.5”. The nominal bed size is 43” L to R x 42” F to B. 8” bore cylinder with a 5.5” diameter rod, 24” max stroke, double-acting and rated to 3000 PSI. Max daylight is approx. 33.75”. Operator height is approx. 32.25”. Fully guided on 4.5” diameter posts with 8” bushings. Two manual swing-in safety posts. 36” light curtains on front. Mesh guarding sides and rear. Electrical control system mounted on the hydraulic unit. Maple Systems HMI/PLC model HMC7-M10-02. Palm button.Wired for 480 volts. Hydraulic system: built by RHM (JOB#14787); Floor-standing with drip pan; flooded suction; 20 HP motor (1800 RPM; 208-230/460V); PVM-045 variable axial piston pump rated to 3000 PSI and 21 GPM; 2 HP kidney circuit: filtration and .25 HP air cooler. Approx press dimensions: 85” x 72” x 123” tall. Approx hydraulic unit dimensions: 60” x 60” x 82” tall. Approx 25,000 pounds total.  Item #2712.