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Model HE50S.  Serial #98653.  Vertical C-Frame.  Down-acting clamp and down-acting injection/transfer cylinder.  Max mold dimensions: 12” L to R x 14” F to B.  Adjustable daylight/slide-rails:  13” to 18” min daylight and 19” to 24” max daylight.  Clamp cylinder: 8” bore; 4” rod dia; 2000 PSI; 6” max stroke.  Injection/transfer cylinder: 2.5” bore; 2” dia plunger; 13” max stroke; 2000 PSI;  Approx 18” shot size.  Shuttle table has 24”of horizontal stroke and two bottom eject cylinders: 1.5” bore; 3.375” stroke.  Operator height is approx. 50”.  Electrical control system with an Allen Bradley SLC 500 5/03 PLC; Panel view 550; adjustable prox switches; opto-touch type close buttons;  E-stop; Set-up/manual; Auto; 230 volt 3 phase; 70 amps including heat; etc… One top heat zone with four 0.625”diameter cartridge heaters: Two 12” long; 240 V; 775W each and two 5” long; 240 V; 300W each.  Two bottom zones (left and right) that each have three 0.625” diameter cartridge heaters:  12” long;  240 V; 775W each.  Type “J” thermocouple for each zone.  (No heated platens included).  Rated to approx 400F.  Self-contained hydraulic unit:  45 gallon L-shaped tank; 15 HP 230/460 volts, 1800 RPM; Parker PVP 3330 RM pressure compensated pump rated at 16 GPM at 1800 RPM; Thermal AOC-33-2-30 air type oil cooler; valving; filtering; etc…Overall dimensions approx. 90” x 80” F to B x 102” tall.  Approx 3,000 pounds.  Operators manual and some prints.  Item #2339.