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Set up with electrically heated platens with strip heaters.  Two-zones per platen (L & R).  Rated to 500F.  Daylight with platens is approx. 12.5”; without approx. 18.5”.  Cylinder/ram is 18” bore with approx. 12.5” stroke.  Operator height is 54.25” with platen; 51.25” without.  Adjustable 24” gibb guides.  Sides are 3” thick at narrowest point.  36” light curtains on front.  Hinged hard guards on back with interlock.  Control system:  set up for 240 volt; Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC; AB Panelview 550 HMI; Palm buttons on panel; Unimeasure transducer; E-stop; Solid-state platen relays (Payne Eng 11E-2-120; 240 v);etc…Floor-standing hydraulic unit: 120 gallon tank with drip pan; flooded suction; two 15 HP motors (230/460v; 1800 RPM); Summa SVP45I42F1A high volume pump; oilgear PVWH06LSAYCHSN high pressure pump; 2 HP (230/460v; 1800 RPM) for kidney circuit (cooling & filtering); Water type heat exchanger; Adjustable pressure; Pressure gauges; 4” 4-bolt flange on cylinder with approx. 2” port.  Overall approx. dimensions and weights: Press is 162” x 72” x 92” tall and 50,000 pounds.  Hydraulic unit is 64” x 66” x 47” tall and 2,000 pounds.  Item #2685.