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Left to right between the posts is 82” on the bed. The slide has bushings that restrict the left to right clearance to approx. 78” (approx. 2” tall). The bed is 77.5” F to B overall. The slide is 67” F to B overall. There is a 72” x 72 x 7.25” steel plate attached to the slide; so as currently set up is a 72” x 72” press.** Approx 48” F to B between the posts. Cylinder: 10” bore with a 6” rod; max stroke approx. 36”; eight 1.5” dia tie rods; double acting; 2.5” port with 4-bolt flange on end. Max daylight is approx. 78” (85” with plate removed). Operator height is approx. 29.5”. The 72” x 72” plate has many drilled and tapped holes. If the plate is removed there are two t-slots running L to R. The bed has a few drilled and tapped holes. Tie-bars are approx. 5.5” diameter. Approx 17” guide bushings. Two pneumatic “safety bars”. Two pneumatic locking pins. Floor standing hydraulic power unit: approx. 160 gallon reservoir (67” x 31” x 21”) with a drip pan; 25 HP motor (230/460V; 1800 RPM); Parker/Denison pressure comp variable volume piston pump (PVP33303RM21-CW); rated to 3,000 PSI; 15.6 GPM; remote compensator. Electrical controls include: adjustable limit switches; GE Fanuc Versamax Micro controller with 2 expansion units; Total Control Quickpanel Mini HMI; E-stop; palm buttons; separate panel with fuse blocks and disconnect. Overall approx. dimensions: press=141” wide x 96” x 200” tall. Hyd unit=80” x 60” x 90” tall. Panel=43” x 24” x 90” tall. Approx 30,000 pounds.  Item #2705.